Luxury and elegance with Roberto Cavalli's wallpapers


Hacienda Design studio in the end of november has widened its portfolio with wallpapers of the famous designer and trendsetter Roberto Cavalli, which products all reflect luxury and elegance.

The accessories for interior decoration designed by Roberto Cavalli can not be confused with the works of other designers. Anyone who chooses the luxury products designed by the world-famous artist and designer gets a unique and special style.

All products designed by him is charecterized by top quality, ensured by permanent control and reliable manufacturer partners, the only way to produce a perfect designer product.

Tekintse meg a Roberto Cavalli tapétákat!

Would You like an armchair that served as the queen’s throne in Miss World 2014 beauty contest?


Would You like an armchair that served as the queen’s throne in Miss World 2014 beauty contest?

The furniture which represents queen’s elegance and its sofa are now available for order in our store, make Your choice of the combination of colours You like best!
Congratulations to Edina Kulcsar for the prestigious second place! Luxury and elegance brought by Roberto Cavalli wallpapers

királynői elegancia

királynői elegancia

The Sanremo Festival has once again chosen Midj designer studio as a partner


The Sanremo Festival has once again chosen Midj designer studio as a partner: the chair Avenue, made of white leather and chrome structure, has been selected for the Marta & Gianluca comedian show and has been used by such celebrities as Rocio Munor Morales and Carlo Conti. With its dynamic design, Avenue chair perfectly supported the spinning rhythm of the show.

Midj is a company in Italy, Friuli region that for over 20 years specializes in producing chairs and tables featuring top quality. Midj represents worldwide – with great success – modern top-design products, using typically modern materials, such as leather, fabrics, plastic and metallic materials as well.

In Budapest Midj barstools furnish for example the Radisson Park Inn hotel’s bar and the factory’s products has benn chosen also for Anna coffehouse situated on Vaci street. Make Your choice of Midj products for Your own home and order it in our store, where beyond these products You can choose from the whole offer of the factory. Queen’s elegance

Midj@Sanremo Fesztivál

Midj Budapesten

Midj székei Budapesten

New OLA 25 kitchen collection by Paolo Pininfarina is already available


World renowned designer Paolo Pininfarina has created his new, limited edition OLA 25 collection as a result of his latest collaboration with premium Italian brand Snaidero. With the unique style he wanted to honour what his father, Sergio Pininfarina, had achieved in the car industry by creating a kitchen that was as close as possible to his distinctive Ferrari design. Have a look at the interview with this noted designer and if you feel like being in an OLA kitchen, visit Hacienda Design Studio where you can choose the whole supply of Snadeiro besides OLA 25!

You can read the interview here.

Paolo Pininfarina

The Hacienda Design Studio is one of the financially soundest companies in Hungary.


The Bisnode international business information provider has been assessing the financial stability and creditworthiness of companies on the basis of a continuously verified and proven system developed by international experts. Based on this ranking, the owner of Hacienda Design Studio, the minD Kft belongs to the 0.63% of Hungarian companies, with which the conclusion of businesses carries an extremely low risk.

“It is s a great honour for our company that we are among the best ones on the basis of the objective ranking of Bisnode. We pay particular attention to competing fairly on the market, so it is really important to us that the extremely low probability of our insolvency has also been confirmed by an external expert” – said Dr. Miklós Várkonyi, the Managing Director of the minD Kft. “We believe that with help of the Bisnode certificate, we can further increase the trust of our customers, suppliers and employees, which is more and more important for the long-term and stable business relationships. The fact that Bisnode, as an independent expert, has recognised the stability of our company gives us the clear message that we are on the right track as regards the development of our company. As the ranking of our company has been carried out on the basis of strictly professional considerations and you cannot apply for it, the Bisnode certificate distinguishes our company really positively on the market.” – emphasized the Managing Director.


The minD Kft. has been given Bisnode AAA (Triple A) Certificate, which is held by merely 0.63 % of the companies in Hungary and, which indicates that doing business with them has an extremely low financial risk.

The Bisnode certificate is based on the Bisnode rating, which has been ranking the companies on an international level, on the basis of their creditworthiness since 1908. The Bisnode certificate, which is issued with credit ratings of AAA, AA and A, represents the stability of the enterprises and indicates that companies with Bisnode certificate are financially stable. The credit rating system, AAA, was introduced in 1989 and enterprises have had the opportunity of displaying their business creditworthiness also in the form of a certificate since 1996. The certificate is the chance for an enterprise to demonstrate to others that they are recognised, reliable and creditworthy. The Bisnode certificate has been used in many countries of Europe and it is considered as a standard for establishing business relationships in the Scandinavian countries.

The Bisnode rating is based on the data obtained from several different official sources, such as the information from the Ministry of Law Enforcement, the entries of the registry court as well as the data from the National Tax and Customs Administration and other authorities. Besides the data from official sources, financial information regarding the company, including balance sheet data, profit and loss account as well as trends, are also used. The rating takes into account the demographic data of the firm or organisation, namely the company’s age, activities, size, owners and their relations. Using the data from the Bisnode Payment Experience Program, the rating also includes information on the company’s payment discipline regarding the settlement of accounts, namely whether the enterprise in question settles its accounts on time or late. In addition to the abovementioned ones, several other data obtained – such as enforcement data or press releases – are added to the Bisnode Rating by the system

“As the Bisnode Rating demonstrates not only the present financial stability of our firm, but – due to the qualification system of Bisnode – also the probability of our company’s insolvency in the coming one year; we are proud to say that the minD Kft will be a stable operator on the market even in the future” – concluded Dr. Várkonyi Miklós his statement.