The establishment of the minD Ltd. - Hacienda Design Studio: Since 1994, they have been dealing with interior architecture and interior decorating, furthermore they have been designing the interior space of foreign representations, residences, hotels, banks, offices, villas and private apartments, for which they select the furniture and furnishings from the products of over three hundred Hungarian, Italian and Spanish manufacturers, but they have some German, English and French suppliers, as well. They design inner spaces furnished with classical or design furniture.

Their philosophy:
“Aim at the top of the effective demand and continuously look for products that raise and satisfy even the highest-level of needs. It is anyway the customer who finally decides. Our task is to make every effort so that he/she will be fully satisfied with his/her decision as well as the work of Hacienda even in the future.”

Latest news

Luxury and elegance with Roberto Cavalli's wallpapers


Hacienda Design studio in the end of november has widened its portfolio with wallpapers of the famous designer and trendsetter Roberto Cavalli, which products all reflect luxury and elegance.

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Would You like an armchair that served as the queen’s throne in Miss World 2014 beauty contest?


The furniture which represents queen’s elegance and its sofa are now available for order in our store, make Your choice of the combination of colours You like best! Congratulations to Edina Kulcsar for the prestigious second place! Luxury and elegance brought by Roberto Cavalli wallpapers

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The Sanremo Festival has once again chosen Midj designer studio as a partner


The Sanremo Festival has once again chosen Midj designer studio as a partner: the chair Avenue, made of white leather and chrome structure, has been selected for the Marta & Gianluca comedian show and has been used by such celebrities as Rocio Munor Morales and Carlo Conti. With its dynamic design, Avenue chair perfectly supported the spinning rhythm of the show.

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They offer you the products of the best Italian, Spanish, German and French manufacturers, from the classical pieces, through the modern ones, to the extreme design. Are you looking for something really special? Please, visit their show-room, where their colleagues will help you to select the appropriate piece of furniture that can shine as the ornament of your flat for a long time. Elegance, quality and style above all.

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